Learjet 85 First Flight

Chauncey Studios was lucky enough to be invited to help archive the Learjet 85 in its progression from hi speed taxi to its first lift off on April 10th 2014. The aircraft marks one of the first ground up aircraft builds in Learjet’s long history in decades. We would like to extend our congratulations to the whole Learjet team for obtaining yet another milestone in this monumental task.

The Learjet 85 taxis out in front of the entire Learjet staff.

Many of the employees showed their appreciation of the moment by adding photos and videos to their cell phones to help remember the moment.

The Learjet 85 began it’s run down the runway.

MVI_7625 (iPhone & iPod)

We were there to photograph the moment but felt a little video might help share the excitement of the crowd as the plane took flight.

After returning from a successful test flight the entire Bombardier Learjet staff was there to congratulate the pilots.

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