Wichita State Homecoming and Basketball Game

Wichita State Homecoming

For Wichita State’s Homecoming events which ended with the Basketball teams 30th win over Drake, the Wichita State Alumni Association asked if we would help come up with some images to help promote the events. The title for the homecoming festivities was Cirque Du Wu, a play off of Cirque Du Soleil. The four events needed some solid imagery to help promote the events. The students helped us know we had hit the right mark by stealing most of the posters that were hung up around the university. We hope you enjoy them as well.

Micheal Jackson

Wichita State Wu Shock Model

Wichita State Shocker Spirit

The Alumni Association also asked if we would shoot the homecoming king and queen during halftime as well as some of the game. The winners were Roy Moye III and Mogie Curmode. The Shocker mens basketball game was pretty awesome as well and we had some of the best seats in the Koch Arena.

Wichita State Homecoming King and Queen

Wichita State Fred Van Vleet

Wichita State Basketball

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